Early Years Teacher Status Diary – GPP Assessments are complete!

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Chichester University’s Nikki Fairchild reports on how existing students are progressing and on how the university is preparing to introduce new pathways in September


The Graduate Practitioner Pathway (GPP)

Trainees have all had their final setting visits which took place in the middle of February. The visits included a scrutiny of the trainee’s documentary evidence, an observation of their practice and a tour of the setting which demonstrated their impact. There was a final interview with all trainees which allowed assessors to make their overall holistic recommendations. Following all assessments there was a moderation event where Programme Leaders from the South East Early Years Consortium reviewed files as part of their quality assurance role. I am pleased to confirm that all GPPs were recommended for the award of Early Years Teacher Status – congratulations to all, their award is a testament to their dedication and strong professional practice.

 The Graduate Entry Pathway (GEP)

During reading week trainees were able to attend their placements in a block which allowed them to link theory to practice and prepare for the submission of their first written assignment. They were able to bring their draft assignments to a review session. In small groups they reviewed each other’s assignments and were able to offer peer support to each other. Tutor feedback has been given to all trainees to allow them to evaluate their performance and prepare for the second submission.

There was a taught session on leadership and trainees were asked to reflect on their own leadership experiences and how they are developing their own leadership styles.

The Undergraduate Practitioner Pathway (UPP)

The final credit bearing module on the BA top-up is underway. ‘Working with Families' allows trainees to explore their own perception of partnership with families and to explore research and practice.

Within their EYTS sessions the topics covered have included safeguarding where policy was considered and linked to current practice and training. There was a session on leadership – focusing on different leadership styles and giving students the chance to explore their own style. Finally, trainees attended a session on preparation for the development review which is scheduled for March.

The Undergraduate Entry Pathway (UEP)

The practice focus this month has included ways of supporting transitions. Trainees reflected on what constitutes a transition and how they can support children and families. Keeping the focus on supporting children, there was a session on equality, diversity and inclusion with links to working with families and other agencies. The Child’s Voice was considered and the Mosaic Approach was considered as a tool for respecting children’s contributions. UEP trainees experienced a peer feedback session on their first written assignment and have submitted their first assignment for marking.

September 2014

The University will be offering the Graduate Entry Mainstream route, the Graduate Employment Based route and the Assessment Only route to EYTS from September. These three routes are currently undergoing a University Approvals process which is a rigorous and robust exploration of the quality and fitness for purpose of the offer. We have formed an Employer’s Stakeholder Reference Group to engage with the sector on the design, recruitment and ongoing assessment of the Status. The initial meeting has taken place and feedback from this group has supported the Approval process. We are currently recruiting potential trainees for the first intake and will be scheduling an interview day after Easter.









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