Experts show MPs the way on early years

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Early years organisations have joined forces to provide briefings for the political parties in the run-up to the general election.


Play and pedagogy is one of six themes experts are highlighting

TACTYC  (the Association for the Professional Development of Early Years Educators) and the early years section of BERA, (the British Educational Research Association) have produced guidance on issues affecting early years policy, which will be sent to leaders of the major parties, with offers of follow-up meetings to discuss the policy areas further.

Dr Jane Payler, chair of TACTYC, said,  ‘The well-referenced policy guidance is based on contributions from a wide group of academics and leaders with extended knowledge and experience in early years care and education. We want to see the quality of provision for young children from birth to six years enhanced so that their learning, development and well-being are appropriately supported.’

The advice includes a detailed overview document and agendas for future research, as well as individual summaries for six themes:

Professor Elizabeth Wood, one of the project’s coordinators, added, ‘We are calling for a better informed approach and evidence-based strategic planning to maximise investment in high quality early education and care. We know this investment is effective for individual children, their families and for the future of our society.’



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