Music & Rhymes

Great ideas for using music, rhymes and poetry for learning and development in early years settings. test


Learning & Development: Music - Surround sound?

Does your setting consider the impact of its music choices on children? Evidence suggests the area needs more thought, argues Nicola Burke.


The Big Picture: Sound of music

Children's theatre company Goblin is bringing a new take on the story of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer...


Enabling Environments: What's that Noise?

A new video shows how to recognise and support young children's musicality


Learning & Development: Music - Your song

A project using lullabies to engage more fully with children and their families is demonstrating the...


A Unique Child: Inclusion - Giving voice

Using songs to develop culturally responsive practice was part of a project run by Parents Early Education...


Learning & Development: Finger Rhymes - Thumbs up!

Picking up rhymes supported by physical actions seems to be innate in children. But how adults mediate...


Enabling Environments: On song

Singing belongs in every nursery, says Community Playthings' new resource, What Happens in the Baby Room?...


Learning & Development: Music resources

The problem with so much music aimed at the very young is that it can all sound the same. Not so the...


Learning & Development: Music - With a bang!

Infant school children are communicating, negotiating, planning and performing in sophisticated ways...


Learning and Development: Poetry - Go with the flow

Poetry is for everyone, as leading children's poet Michael Rosen tells Karen Faux, with suggestions...


Learning & Development: Music, Part 4 - Let them move!

Endless opportunities for children's expression, development and learning across all curriculum areas...


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