Music & Rhymes

Great ideas for using music, rhymes and poetry for learning and development in early years settings. test

Enabling musical environments

Course outline This course offers practical ideas to develop and enhance music provision in settings.  Participants will be given handouts and introduced to a free online resource which they can use...


A Unique Child: Music - In the mood

‘Mood music’ offers a playful and contained way to begin to give shape and expression to what may be...


Learning & Development: Froebel - Special songs

Singing has a long tradition in nurseries, thanks largely to the work of Friedrich Froebel, and the practice...


Learning & Development: Music - My little ukulele

One nursery in north London has started providing ukulele sessions for children once a week. Liz Roberts...


Learning & Development: Music - With intent

A new national project uses music to support wider development. The University of Roehampton's Adam...


Learning & Development: Music - Be still

The Babysong Project has been looking at how singing and song can establish intimacy between practitioners...


Home learning: Activities for parents -Singing

Penny Tassoni has great ideas for singing at home


Positive Relationships: Song times

Singing is a powerful form of communication, and one that both practitioners and parents of all musical...


Take Note - Musical support

New resources for early years music


Learning & Development: Music - Surround sound?

Does your setting consider the impact of its music choices on children? Evidence suggests the area needs...


The Big Picture: Sound of music

Children's theatre company Goblin is bringing a new take on the story of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer...


A huge stock of ideas for best practice and activities across the Prime Areas of Learning. Includes Let's Explore, Birth to Threes, Music and Rhymes, and our Mini Topics series based on commonly available resources and popular themes.