Learning & development

The Learning & Development theme of the EYFS, including child development, Prime and Specific Areas of Learning and activities. Regular case studies showcase best practice from early years settings.


EYFS Best Practice: Learning from Froebel… Nature

Professor Tina Bruce examines the place of ‘Nature in learning’, while Jane Dyke explains how this is being put into practice at Yellow Dot

Areas of Learning


EYFS Activities: We’ve explored… birds

A fake crow inspired children at one setting to investigate real birds, nests and eggs, writes Annette Rawstrone


EYFS Activities: Essential experiences… music

Bringing music to a setting or the home can only be good for children, explains Penny Tassoni


Enabling Environments: Literacy - Love it!

Nurseries and schools are building a love of reading with Lovemybooks, says co-founder Sue McGonigle


Learning & Development: Maths - Weighing up progress

LEYF is improving boys’ maths learning at its settings. Rachele Parker and Lisa Swales explain how


EYFS Activities: Essential experiences… pets

Keeping a pet or having an animal visit them is beneficial for children. Penny Tassoni offers some advice to settings