Learning & development

The Learning & Development theme of the EYFS, including child development, Prime and Specific Areas of Learning and activities. Regular case studies showcase best practice from early years settings.


Early Years in School: Self-Regulation - In character

Play and self-regulation go hand in hand on the road to effective learning, finds Helen Moylett

Areas of Learning


Early Years in School: Literacy - Flexible friends?

Tablets and iPads can help to support the development of willing and able readers. Dr Natalia Kucirkova offers some tips and strategies


Early Years in School: Two-Year-Olds - The 3Rs

With more two-year-olds heading for a school-based setting, Julia Manning-Morton offers some starting points for effectively meeting this age group’s needs


Early Years in School: Outdoors - Another world

Being outdoors provides children with developmental benefits that cannot be replicated indoors. Kathryn Solly reveals how to get it right


Early Years in School: Communication & Language - Speaking parts

Role play that provides opportunities for talking and thinking helps to develop children’s communication and language, reports Jan Dubiel


Early Years in School: Creativity - ‘I want to be a worm’

What can we learn from a remote island school – and four-year-old Angus? Lots, explains head teacher Stephen Glen-Lee