Learning & development

The Learning & Development theme of the EYFS, including child development, Prime and Specific Areas of Learning and activities. Regular case studies showcase best practice from early years settings.


Learning & Development: Intergenerational Practice - Spring chickens

A project linking a nursery to a care home is improving well-being for young and old alike, discovers Meredith Jones-Russell

Areas of Learning


Positive Relationships: Working With Parents - Day by day

Parents and Children Together (PACT), a new parent-delivered teaching programme, has led to gains in children’s early language and reading skills. Kelly Burgoyne,...


EYFS Activities - We’ve explored… rain

Children at one setting have been finding out about the water cycle, including rain. By Annette Rawstrone


Enabling Environments: Collections - Bake off!

Cooking with children is a great way to educate them about the science of food, finds Nicole Weinstein in the latest in her series on supporting and resourcing learning...


A Unique Child: Health & Nutrition - On the MEND

Community intervention programme MEND is helping families to be more positive about healthy eating and exercise. Caroline Vollans sees the programme in action in...


EYFS Activities - We’ve explored… fish

A visit to a local garden centre with a fish pond led to children setting up their own fish tank back at the setting, Nicole Weinstein explains