Equipment & Books

Reviews, roundups and advice on how to choose nursery equipment and resources.

Nursery Equipment In Depth

  • Nursery Equipment: Block Play - Wall to wall

    Some settings are making blocks an important part of their provision - and opening up new opportunities for learning and development as a result. Marianne Sargent explains.

  • Nursery Equipment: ICT - Supporting role

    With technology playing an increasingly important part in all our lives, it is essential that the early years sector finds appropriate ways to incorporate ICT into settings. Nicole Weinstein finds inspiration...

  • Nursery Equipment: Role Play - Getting real

    Role play is becoming more flexible, with settings embracing approaches that create more authentic experiences and respond to children's interests. Marianne Sargent explains.

  • Nursery Equipment: Maths - Measuring up?

    There is potential for mathematical learning in all areas of a nursery, so long as practitioners are open to possibilities. Judith Stevens suggests ideas to inspire three- to five-year-olds.