Equipment & Books

Reviews, roundups and advice on how to choose nursery equipment and resources.

Nursery Equipment In Depth

  • Nursery Equipment: Introduction - New directions

    A cross-section of early years consultants and nursery equipment suppliers tell Nicole Weinstein about the latest trends in early years practice and how best to provide an enabling environment

  • Nursery Equipment: Art Studios - On form

    Nursery art and craft studios provide a dedicated space for both children and practitioners to be creative, writes Annette Rawstrone, who finds out how four settings are making the most of theirs

  • Nursery Equipment: Mud Kitchens - Time to upgrade

    The use of mud kitchens in nurseries’ outdoor spaces has spread significantly since the concept was popularised a few years ago, but children will only get the most out of them if they are regularly reviewed....

  • Nursery Equipment: Loose Parts - Feeling empowered

    Providing children with access to loose parts materials enables them to use their imaginations in an endless variety of ways. Nicole Weinstein provides some examples of useful resources