Enabling environments

All aspects of the Enabling Environments EYFS theme, including provision for birth to threes and three to fives, outdoor play and learning, and equipment and resources. Regular features include Let's Explore.


EYFS Activities: Birth to two… ‘High play’

Lifting babies up in the air is both a fun and beneficial activity, explains Penny Tassoni

Outdoor provision


EYFS Activities - Outdoor resource box…traffic

Bought and made traffic resources have enriched the play of one setting’s children, explains Lyndsey Gardner


Early Years in School: Outdoors - Another world

Being outdoors provides children with developmental benefits that cannot be replicated indoors. Kathryn Solly reveals how to get it right


Enabling Environments: Outdoors - Boxing clever

Role-play boxes can increase children’s involvement in the outdoors beyond typical activities and improve their learning, reports Everton Nursery School and Family...


Enabling Environments: Outdoors - Hit the trail

In an extract from his book of story-based adventures, Adam Dove explains how woodland fairies and a big-footed troll can provide an exciting and engaging starting...


Enabling Environments: Outdoors - In full swing

Action research has helped to develop a nursery garden to better provide open-ended opportunities for learning, as well improving practice. Teacher Sue Duglan...