Enabling environments

All aspects of the Enabling Environments EYFS theme, including provision for birth to threes and three to fives, outdoor play and learning, and equipment and resources. Regular features include Let's Explore.


EYFS Activities - Five things to do with… a blank canvas

How to plan a new use for an outdoor space. By Julie Mountain

Outdoor provision


Enabling Environments: Outdoors - Get out!

Swedish science and outdoor education expert Professor Anders Szczepanski discusses the benefits of being outside with Annette Rawstrone


Enabling Environments: Outdoors - Taking shelter

The children are free to roam from shelter to shelter while enjoying the outdoors at England’s first ‘open air’ nursery, situated in south east London. Nicole Weinstein...


Enabling Environments: Outdoors - Call of the wild

A forest creature who teaches respect for nature is capturing young children’s curiosity around the world. Nicole Weinstein reports


Enabling Environments: Outdoors - Taking action

In the final part of her series on the London Borough of Newham and Early Education’s 20-provider-strong Outdoors and Active programme, Julie Mountain rounds up...


Enabling Environments: Outdoors - Passing it on

In the third part of her series on Newham’s Outdoors and Active programme, Julie Mountain finds out how it has involved parents and carers to create a family culture...