With childhood obesity on the rise, we look at the research behind the headlines, what can be done to reverse the trend, and the Government's obesity strategy.

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Government missing opportunities to tackle childhood obesity, say MPs

A new report by the Health Select Committee calls for more robust action by the Government to tackle childhood obesity, including controlling the ‘deep discounting’...


Nursery Management: Nutrition - Fat-fighters

Parents of overweight children are often in denial about the problem or claim to be simply too busy to address it – so how should settings approach the issue? Gabriella...


Children's health in UK a 'major cause for concern'

A landmark report into the state of child health in the UK reveals ‘stark inequalities’, rising death rates, obesity and ill-health.


The majority of parents are unaware their child is overweight

Most parents of overweight children think their child is the right weight, the annual NHS health survey for England has found.


Join the fight against fat

With the Government’s obesity strategy leaving much to be desired, early years managers may have to take the matter into their own hands, reports Hannah Crown


Enabling Environments: Outdoors - Taking action

In the final part of her series on the London Borough of Newham and Early Education’s 20-provider-strong Outdoors and Active programme, Julie Mountain rounds up...


Children in UK 'less active' than rest of the world

New research, which ranks 38 countries for children’s physical activity, places England, Scotland and Wales among the worst.


New screen time guidelines for early years children

A policy statement released by the American Academy of Paediatrics (AAP) recommends further reductions in the amount of time infants, toddlers and pre-school age...


Does sleep deprivation make children fatter?

Young children could be at greater risk of obesity if they do not get enough sleep, a study suggests.


A Unique Child: Health & Nutrition - Brains and bodies

The right fats and oils are essential components of a healthy diet, explains Mary Llewellin

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A Physical blow

Relegating the Chief Medical Officers' physical activity guidelines to a footnote in the revised EYFS is a dereliction of duty, says Dr Lala Manners