Early Years & Childcare Job Roles

Fancy a new career direction? Find out what it takes to work in a range of early years jobs, with advice from Anne Hayes on skills, qualifications and training.

Job Roles


My working life ... Lactation consultant

A former primary school head is now helping new mothers struggling with breastfeeding their newborns....


My working life... School-based nursery manager

Nurseries and schools have long been co-located, but what is it like managing early years in the modern...


My working life ... Qualifications subject advisor

Developing new early years qualifications involves plenty of listening and the provision of hands-on...


My working life... Antenatal practitioner

Helping parents find the confidence and skills to deal with their newborn can be hugely rewarding, Cerys...


My working life ... Music therapist

Music therapy encourages social awareness and helps develop communication and interaction skills, as...


My working life ... family support worker

A family support worker deals with a wide range of issues, but it all starts with helping people become...


My working life ... Ski creche manager

Working abroad in a holiday resort is quite a different experience from providing nursery care in the...


My working life ... Forest school leader

Like those working indoors, forest school practitioners must juggle play, learning and development,...


My working life ... Nursery chef

Making meals for 40 young children every day requires attention to detail - and skill in baking Peppa...


My working life ... Paediatric nurse

The role of a paediatric nurse requires a huge amount of not just clinical but communication-related...

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