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Information about the workplace, pay and conditions, training, qualifications and how to start and build a career in work with babies and young children.


My working life ... Paediatric nurse

The role of a paediatric nurse requires a huge amount of not just clinical but communication-related skills, finds Gabriella Jozwiak.

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Learning & Development: Early years pioneers - Burrhus Skinner

Some common teaching methods take their cues from behaviourist theory. Linda Pound looks at the work of one of its key proponents.


HR Update - Don't fall foul of the new EYFS

The revised EYFS throws up some HR issues, with potential headaches for nursery managers over employment law, says Jacqui Mann.


Guide to EYE: part 4 - An eye for a specialism

Gabriella Jozwiak explores Pearson's optional units for the Early Years Educator qualification, which have been put together with expertise from bodies such as PACEY and Skills Active....