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Information about the workplace, pay and conditions, training, qualifications and how to start and build a career in work with babies and young children.


My best course - Understanding behaviour

A five-day intensive course on psychotherapy gave practitioner Rachel Cowie the tools to understand children's motives.

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Early Years Teachers: Part 4 - On the fast track

Training to become an Early Years Teacher doesn't have to take an entire year. Charlotte Goddard meets an experienced nursery practitioner who took a shorter route to the qualification....


Business Development - Proper placement

Modern qualifications allocate hundreds of hours to placements, but how useful are they to managers? Jackie Musgrave and Nicola Stobbs, authors of a book looking at early years placements,...


Nursery baby room staff: Time to relax

Working in the baby room can be rewarding, but it can also prove stressful and emotionally challenging. Katy Morton looks at how nurseries can help staff manage the more difficult...