News: Big Issues

Nursery World Big Issues give you a quick, easy way to find articles on important topics. New articles are added regularly to many of the sections, so do check back if you are following a particular issue.


30 Hours Free Childcare

From September 2017, working parents of three- and four-year-olds will be eligible for 30 hours of free childcare. Follow the progress of the Government's flagship policy as it develops.

Child Obesity

With childhod obesity on the rise, we look at the research behind the headlines, what can be done to reverse the trend and the Government's obesity strategy.

'More Great Childcare' Reforms

The Government has made far-reaching proposals for reform in its 'More Great Childcare' report. Find detailed analysis of the plans and the sector's reaction

Free Early Education for Disadvantaged Two-year-olds

Twenty per cent of two-year-olds will become eligible for an early education place from September 2013, rising to 40 per cent in 2014-15. Follow the progress of the Government's programme.

Childcare Costs

Politicians, think-tanks, parents and those in the early years sector all want their say on how childcare can be made more affordable. Follow the story here as the Childcare Commission prepares to release its recommendations.

Children's Speech & Language

What are the problems and what action is being taken to solve them?

Free Schools & Academies

The free school programme has proved to be controversial. Will it add parental choice or disadvantage existing schools? Follow the Government's plan to establish free schools around the country.

Nutbrown Review

Professor Cathy Nutbrown is leading the independent review of early education and childcare qualifications for the Department for Education. What will this mean for the early years workforce?

Review of the Early Years Foundation Stage

News, views and advice as the Government reviews the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Men in Childcare

All the latest news and views on moves to attract more men to working with young children. Will fresh initiatives to increase the proportion of males in childcare have a significant effect?

Synthetic Phonics

Read the views of fans and critics of synthetic phonics as the Government insists on its rigorous use for teaching young children to read.


News, tips and guidance on working with fathers, covering everything from paternity leave to ways to encourage Dads to join in at nursery.

Cuts to Sure Start Children's Centres

As local authorities struggle to deal with budget cuts, children's centres around the country are at risk of closure.

Government Review of Nursery Food

After sustained campaigning about nursery food, the Government has launched a major review. Follow its progress here.

Vanessa George Nursery Abuse Case

What should nurseries and practitioners be doing to protect children from paedophiles? We look at the issues surrounding the Vanessa George abuse case.