A Unique Child

All aspects of the EYFS theme A Unique Child, covering inclusion, child health, nutrition, safeguarding in the EYFS and other topics.


A Unique Child: Transgender - Fluid thinking

Recent transgender stories in the media show the extent to which notions of gender are becoming blurred. Caroline Vollans explores a subject that all educational practitioners need awareness of

Inclusive Practice


A Unique Child: Inclusion - A capital idea

Funding from the Early Years Pupil Premium led to a Natural Explorers project in Hackney that benefited the whole nursery and children’s centre, write Lisa Clarke...


A Unique Child: Inclusion - Get lucky

In an extract from her latest book, Reducing Educational Disadvantage, Penny Tassoni explains how varied positive, adult-supported experiences can boost children’s...


A Unique Child: Inclusion - Dramatic change

One school in West Yorkshire is using the Early Years Pupil Premium to fund drama sessions led by a performance artist, writes Helen Chilton


A Unique Child: Integrated Review - Deep thinking

In the final part of our series on the Integrated Review, Kay Mathieson examines how it brings together parents, EY practitioners and health professionals to provide...