A Unique Child

All aspects of the EYFS theme A Unique Child, covering inclusion, child health, nutrition, safeguarding in the EYFS and other topics.


A Unique Child: Nutrition - Close to home

One nursery group in Liverpool is winning over children and parents with its healthy eating approach that accommodates home routines, writes Karen Faux

Inclusive Practice


A Unique Child: Inclusion - Here’s the rub

Introducing children to other cultures should be fun, but there are serious issues that practitioners need to consider first, explains Caroline Vollans


A Unique Child: Inclusion - Supporting… William

At one nursery and school in Cheshire, Charlotte Goddard finds out how a boy with epilepsy is supported to join in with activities safely


Early Years in School: Inclusion - Top form

A research project could hold the answers to the problem of white boys from poorer backgrounds underperforming at school. By Hannah Crown


Early Years in School: Inclusion - Value added

A global rights perspective can make British Values more meaningful, finds Annette Rawstrone

Latest health & Nutrition


Nursery Management: Nutrition - Fat-fighters

Parents of overweight children are often in denial about the problem or claim to be simply too busy to address it – so how should settings approach the issue? Gabriella...


Nursery Food: Community - Goodie bags

In Glasgow, one nursery school is encouraging families to eat healthily by distributing ‘Easypack Meals’ – bags containing the ingredients for a tasty, nutritious...


Nursery Food: 30-Hour Childcare - Eating in

The funding gap related to the 30 hours offer will hit settings hard, but Annette Rawstrone finds many are determined to keep food quality high