A Unique Child

All aspects of the EYFS theme A Unique Child, covering inclusion, child health, nutrition, safeguarding in the EYFS and other topics.


A Unique Child: Nutrition - Come rain or shine

Vitamin D is a vital ingredient for many aspects of development, but how can you make sure children are getting enough?

Inclusive Practice


Nursery Management: Special Educational Needs - Calling in the specialists

Recent changes to the law on special educational needs provision have been dubbed the most significant in 30 years. Charlotte Goddard looks at the vital role of...


EYFS Best Practice: All about ... SEND Code of Practice

The process for identifying and supporting those with special educational needs and disabilities has been given an update. Kay Mathieson considers how the changes...


A Unique Child: Safeguarding - Guiding lights

The introduction of multi-agency safeguarding hubs staffed by a pool of professionals is creating a joined-up, more responsive approach to child protection, as...


A Unique Child: Inclusion - In reverse

Children with and without disabilities are learning how to socialise together in a SEND centre welcoming all of them.

Latest health & Nutrition


Family Health: Dear Parent

In a letter to all parents of young children, Dr Raj Thakkar offers some guidance on both common and more serious medical conditions, what symptoms to look out...


Childhood Obesity: Swing into action

Are we getting any closer to understanding childhood obesity? And what should early years practitioners be doing to help prevent it? Professor Pinki Sahota offers...


Training: Courses of action

The current crop of training programmes covers a broad range of topics related to health. Hannah Crown rounds up some of the options.