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Twitter outrage over headteacher's EYFS comments

A storm has broken out on Twitter in reaction to comments from a headteacher that letting children play every day in the early years is ‘nonsense’.


New report looks at ways to improve childcare in Ireland

Ireland’s children's minister has published a new report proposing how to improve the quality and affordability of early years services.


Childminder agencies without any childminders on their books

None of the childminder agencies registered with Ofsted have so far succeeded in registering any childminders.


Tool helps practitioners spot first signs of abuse and neglect

A new screening tool aims to make it easier for early years professionals to spot early signs of abuse and neglect in babies and toddlers.


Third of schools opposed to new Baseline test, but nearly all plan to implement it

Nearly a third of schools are not in favour of the Reception baseline, new research suggests.


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Home learning - A parent's guide to...Television time

Too much TV can have a negative impact on development, but when managed well it can actually be a valuable...


Learning & Development: Communication & Language - Word for word

How well children learn words is influenced by many things, including the environment and the manner in which...


Learning & Development: PSED part 2 - Mind out

How can practitioners help children to play in a manner that best supports their development? Marion Dowling...


A Unique Child: Health & nutrition - Plan of action

How much physical activity do under-fives need? Public Health England offers some guidance


Learning & Development: Froebel - A different story?

Seeing Froebelian principles in action in a township in South Africa gave Early Childhood Studies students...


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Common inspection framework: part 1 - Common ground?

Ofsted's new inspection framework comes in this September. In the first of a four-part series, the Pre-School...


My best course - Understanding behaviour

A five-day intensive course on psychotherapy gave practitioner Rachel Cowie the tools to understand...


Social media - Using online networks for PR

Sites such as Twitter and Facebook are valuable sources of information for journalists. Kate Tyler offers...


Early Years Teachers: Part 4 - On the fast track

Training to become an Early Years Teacher doesn't have to take an entire year. Charlotte Goddard meets...

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