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Reflective practice, inclusion and SEN: it's all on our forum!

Check out our forum for a host of CPD-related discussions on the issues of the moment.


Benefit delays and low-incomes responsible for record numbers using food banks

New figures from a food bank charity show more than one million people used its food banks in the last 12 months.


New study shows child fitness levels ‘worryingly low’

Two-thirds of primary school children are below recommended levels of fitness, new research suggests.


Free hours offer could 'keel over' without funding review

Childcare minister Sam Gyimah has admitted that the early education funding system could collapse under Tory plans to increase the hours, without a funding review.


Tory pledge re-affirms 30 hours of weekly childcare and funding review

The battle over childcare has intensified between the Conservative and Labour parties as the election draws near.


Find out about new business opportunities and notifications in early years and childcare


Latest Early Years & Nursery Practice


A Unique Child: Inclusion - Supporting... Abigail and Isobel

One setting's inclusive approach to caring for twins with Down syndrome has benefited both the girls and...


Learning & Development: Mathematics - Summing up

Is it time for mathematics to become a prime area? Judith Stevens considers the case


Enabling Environments: Collections - Play it by ear

How can practitioners help children develop good listening skills? Nicole Weinstein offers some advice


Home learning: A parent's guide to... potty training

Moving your child out of nappies can involve challenges - but there are ways to make the process easier....


An essential guide to... Refugee families

Immigration will be a key issue in the run up to the General Election, but how do refugees fit into the picture...


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Latest Management


Staff retention: part 2 - Leading questions

Do staff leave the organisation or the leader? In the second of a four-part series on staff retention,...


My Best course - A lesson in management

Two online leadership courses have helped Karen Sweeney adopt management styles to fit different situations....


Making online count

You may not think social media matters much when it comes to inspections, but excelling online can help...


HR Update - Employment rules update

This year, 5 April brings not only Easter eggs but changes in employment law - in particular, the introduction...

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