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Think-tank calls for all primaries to convert to academies

A report by think-tank Policy Exchange says that all primary schools in England should convert to academies by 2020.


Government 'failing' early years children

Young children's lives are being damaged by rising inequality, a leading health expert has said.


Labour conference: Wilshaw 'wrong' on childminders

At an early years fringe event in Manchester shadow education minister Lucy Powell criticised Ofsted’s chief inspector for his recent comments about childminders.


Wales plans to raise the bar for early years workforce

A ten-year plan to improve the qualification levels and status of the early years, childcare and play sector in Wales is set out today.


4Children's manifesto calls for more support for children and families

4Children is challenging all political parties to commit to an overhaul of services for children and families in 2015.


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Latest Early Years & Nursery Practice


Learning & Development: Assessment - Measuring up

Ferre Laevers' Process-Oriented Monitoring System builds on his 'well-being' and 'involvement' scales to...


Home Learning: Activities - Early Science

From early in their lives, children show an interest in science. They often notice things that we as adults...


Enabling Environments: Collections - Well away

Pack-away nurseries need be creative to make their settings work. Nicole Weinstein asks three how they manage...


Learning & Development: Foreign Languages - In other words

With foreign language learning being introduced in primary schools for Key Stage 2, practitioners have an...


A Unique Child: Nutrition - Come rain or shine

Vitamin D is a vital ingredient for many aspects of development, but how can you make sure children are getting...


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Latest Management


Nursery Management: Staff Mental Health - Keeping a clear head

With so much focus on children's well-being, it can be easy to overlook those who care for them. Katy...


Nursery Management: Twos update - Ready to go?

With the 40 per cent most disadvantaged two-year-olds now eligible for funded places, Hannah Crown takes...


Nursery Management: Nurseries on school sites - Back to school

The drive for young children to attend school-run nurseries is causing some concern, but could it be...


Nursery Management: Training - Bringing it back home

A range of providers, from established chains to maintained nursery schools, have set up their own training...

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