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Savings from Tax-Free Childcare delay should be used to expand provision

The Family and Childcare Trust is calling on the Government to invest the £535 million savings from delayed Tax-Free Childcare as capital funding, so that local authorities and providers can offer more...


Last chance to give views on apprenticeship levy

Employers have until midnight to take part in a consultation on the apprenticeship levy, a tax on employers to fund an expansion in apprenticeships.


First national men in early years conference launches in 2016

The event, organised by David Wright, owner of the Paint Pots nursery group, will be used to launch a national network for men working in childcare, bringing together existing support groups.


Sam Gyimah visits Paris to share ideas on high-quality childcare

The education and childcare minister spent two days in the French capital to exchange ideas on best practice in childcare.


Prime Minister gives his backing to infant free school meals

David Cameron has said he is 'very proud' of the Universal Infant Free School Meals (UIFSM) scheme following speculation that it will be scrapped in the spending review.


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My Best course - Clear reflection

Every practitioner knows that reflecting on observations of children is important, but one course helped...


Home learning - A parent's guide to ... Measurement

There are many interesting ways in which you can introduce your child to this important skill. Penny Tassoni...


Enabling Environments: Creativity - Floating ideas

A creative raft-building project at one setting prompted a range of learning opportunities and discussions...


Nursery Management: International - Baby rooms of the world

Baby rooms in the UK still tend to be the forgotten part of the nursery. What does this provision look like...


Nursery Management: Poverty - Destined for failure?

Early years practitioners know that part of their job is reducing the disadvantage gap. But what do they really...


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Latest Management


Diary of a trainee Early Years Teacher

In the first instalment of her monthly online journal, trainee EYT Emma Davis talks about her interview...


Nursery Management: accreditations - Going above and beyond

For ambitious settings, an Ofsted grade just isn't enough. In a bid for external recognition, some are...


Common Inspection Framework: Part 3 - Delving into the detail

In the third part of our series on the Common Inspection Framework, The Pre-School Learning Alliance's...


Nursery Management: Training - Seriously safe

Early years expertise does not feature heavily in serious case reviews, but there is much to be learned...

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